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IMG_7852We are thrilled to do our first Spotlight with clients we have worked with! Today, we will be introducing Shayla from Rose Quartz Makeup who did the Branding Package from one of our Logo & Branding packages. Shayla is the lead makeup artist of Rose Quartz Makup. She graduated from Blanche MacDonald in 2009 and has been working as a makeup artist since then. She’s a true believer in collaboration with passionate individuals and is always eager to connect with new people.

How did you get into the makeup industry?

I had gone to school for early childhood education right out of high school and just didn’t have a passion for it, I dropped the course and spent a couple years working full time until one day my mom asked why I hadn’t expressed any interest in going to makeup school and that’s when it hit me – I went home, looked into Blanche Macdonald and graduated in April of 2009 from the Global diploma program, and the rest is history. 

What’s your top advice for someone looking to get into the makeup industry?

Getting into the industry takes ALOT of work, you need to put yourself out there and accept any job that comes your way, and to be honest for the first year a majority of them will be volunteer jobs but it’s how you get yourself out there. Genuinely care for what you are doing and who sits in your chair and that will show to your clients and soon you will get recommendations and your career will take off. For me – I put myself out there on the Facebook wedding swap sites and that made a huge impact on my career.

IMG_7865What made you decide to start your own business? Are you doing it part-time or full-time?

I like being my own boss – I like doing things my way and have a hard time following rules and believing with other company mottos.  If you ask my family I’ve had quite the wide span of jobs, and this is the one job I’ve had that I don’t want to quit or give up on. I have such a passion for what I do and never wake up in the morning going “oh man, I don’t want to go to work today, I’m going to all in sick.”  I do have a full time job outside of makeup, so as of right now my makeup is only part time – but that being said, it’s a part time job, working full time hours! 

Branding Package - Rose Quartz Makeup Portfolio

What’s the inspiration behind your branding?

I can definitely thank my sister for this one – I previously had my own name as my company name and started having more people work for me, and felt bad that it was my name taking the credit for the work that they were doing. I was up in Squamish visiting my family and my sister came up with Rose Quartz Makeup Services. The meaning of the Rose Quartz stone is love – and that is perfect for what I do. I mainly do bridal makeup which is obviously built around love – but I’d like to think my business is too. (And my actual middle name is Rose so I wanted to have that in there somewhere!) 

IMG_7855Learn More About Shayla

Dream job when you were young… A teacher – don’t ask why, I literally have no idea. I always thought photography would be a cool job as well. 

Somewhere you want to go to… Bora Bora! My full time job is working as a travel agent so I’m constantly booking once in a lifetime trips for people, and Bora Bora has been coming up quite frequently! Nothing beats sitting in an overwater bungalow with a drink in hand. Another one on my list is Greece – I would love to go to Santorini one day – maybe my honeymoon? 

Your favourite place to go to in Langley… Oh this is tough! I grew up in North Van and have only lived in Langley for less than a year, but I love Fort Langley! History is something that interests me and fort Langley is full of it – not to mention they have some cute little shops and amazing restaurants.

Favourite way to relax on your day off… Sleep! Haha between my makeup life and travel agent life it gets pretty crazy. My family now lives up in Squamish and Whistler so I tend to go up there as much as I can to visit them. Of course I love spending the day with my man and our dog and seeing what adventures we can get upto as well. 

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